J. White's Automotive LLC
J. White's Automotive LLC
J. White's Automotive LLC
18:58:21 20/02/2017

Celebrating our third year in a row earning the American Express Favorites Award. Thank you for being a part of our journey!

J. White's Automotive LLC
14:10:49 07/04/2016
It is feedback like this that fuels our drive to work hard to deliver excellence.  Thank you AJ! 
"Thank you for reaching-out. I think your email speaks volumes about the professionalism of the shop. Just having the follow-up is unusual and appreciated. Overall I was quite pleased. The process was seamless and transparent. Unfortunately, the bill was far higher than I anticipated, but alas that is more about my truck than the shop. I appreciated the status updates from Shawn as well as the explanations of changes during the project.
I also appreciated the time and advice Peter provided the day I came to pick it up. It is clear everyone at J White's enjoys what they do!"

J. White's Automotive LLC
12:10:28 18/02/2016

Kayrn is making the most of her time in our waiting room and it looks like it is working out nicely for her. Thank you for choosing our shop Kayrn :)

J. White's Automotive LLC
16:15:55 23/01/2016
We are zipping right along here at the shop.

J. White's Automotive LLC
00:31:01 18/01/2016
Love this! Bet she never missed an oil change appointment!

J. White's Automotive LLC
12:56:08 14/01/2016
 Let it snow! Proud to be an authorized dealer.

J. White's Automotive LLC
20:07:01 13/01/2016
What's this?  We think it good for automotive repair and service customers.  Check it out to see if you agree. http://motorist.org/

J. White's Automotive LLC
20:04:03 13/01/2016
Thank you to each and everyone of you who took the time to provide your reviews during our Repair Pal certification. We are grateful to each one of you and really proud to achieve this certification:) http://repairpal.com/j-whites-automotive#fndtn-reviews-tab

J. White's Automotive LLC
13:13:17 02/01/2016
May fond past memories fuel your drive to create an amazing journey going forward in the new year. We captured one of our 2015 favorites, so we never forget that we don't just fix cars, we help people.

J. White's Automotive LLC
15:22:02 26/12/2015
Technicians distracted by presence of videographer.
Jeep goes for Christmas jaunt.
Here's what happened at the shop the day before Christmas. 

J. White's Automotive LLC
14:49:20 23/12/2015
Life sized match box game

J. White's Automotive LLC
14:53:40 20/12/2015
Its stuff like this, that help us love our jobs here at the shop everyday. Thank you Lucy!

Our latest Yelp review:
5.0 star rating 12/18/2015
We drive from Boston to have our car serviced at J White's Automotive. The team does excellent work and is very knowledgeable about our LR2, I wouldn't take our vehicle anywhere else! They also have a very nice waiting area for customers, equipped with tables so that I can work while I wait for my car to be serviced. I can't say enough about the staff and our experience at J White's - they're the best!

J. White's Automotive LLC
15:49:28 11/12/2015
It is so nice to see these two getting along.

J. White's Automotive LLC
19:25:51 09/12/2015
Dreaming of a White Christmas? Think Snow Tires. We can help get you there, in the ride of your choice.

J. White's Automotive LLC
19:22:19 09/12/2015
A little fun at the shop today.  Land Rover Series I, meets a Jeep Willys, the truck that inspired its design.

J. White's Automotive LLC
02:12:24 01/12/2015
Fixing cars is not the easiest way to earn a living, running a shop that fixes cars is not any easier, but when we receive messages from customers, like this one, we wouldn't trade our jobs for anything.  Thank you Dennis!

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Dennis Jakus It was so nice to have Jeff and Shirley take so much time and care in getting our discovery ready and sharing with us the work that had been done. The bow was a great touch! They were as excited as we were with the finished product which is a testament to their care and attention. Our 2003 Discovery now has a new frame and ready for some serious offroading . I would not have trusted the work to anyone else. If you need work on your Rover and need it done right I can't say enough about Jeff's team. They make you feel part of the team. Rare in today's world. Thanks..

J. White's Automotive LLC
Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and words Dennis. It has been an honor and a pleasure to carefully attend to your needs and treat your truck like our own (we kind of feel like it is on some level :)) We hope that you can make it to some of our events in the future, to join the circle of people connected to this place we created. It has created a cast of characters like no other and we are truly blessed.
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J. White's Automotive LLC
16:49:54 26/11/2015
Anybody who drives or owns a car has something to be grateful for. We are grateful to have built a business that helps people stay in the ride of their choice day after day. Posting with gratitude to our customers and our team of dedicated professionals. Happy Thanksgiving Day. Giving thanks and enjoying a day dedicated to doing just that.

J. White's Automotive LLC
22:06:30 23/11/2015
Another Automotive Restoration, back from the paint shop. 1944 Jeep Willys this time.

J. White's Automotive LLC
19:50:03 22/11/2015
Have we told you how much we love our jobs at J. White's lately?

Thank you Joe from Florida for taking the time to write.  We hope you have the time of your life with that Series llA!  I was our pleasure to assist you in your search for the ride of your choice.

"I recently purchased a 1965 Land Rover Series 2A from J.Whites and found their staff to be highly knowledgable and professional . My experience started with a 2 hr. visit to the facility to learn more about the older Land Rovers. I met the Manager and one of the Mechanics. The lesson I received and the time they spent with me to explain the details about the Series 2A was, without a doubt, a valuable one. I would highly recommend J. Whites Automotive for any service for your Land Rover. It was a pleasure doing business with them."

J. White's Automotive LLC
23:18:40 17/06/2015
Life in the summer shouldn't be a beach, it should be AT the beach. Let us help you be road trip (off road trip, for many of our customers) ready. Come see us now before you hit the road. Hint: the cost of preventative maintenance is far less than the cost of towing plus avoidable repairs.
1800 Worcester Road, Framingham, Massachusetts, 01702, United States
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